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Bears bring back Sherrick McManis, their longest-tenured player

Sherrick McManis, the special-teams stalwart from Northwestern, signed a one-year deal.

Chicago Bears v San Francisco 49ers
Bears cornerback Sherrick McManis knocks the ball away against the 49ers in 2018.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The longest-tenured Bear is sticking around for at least another year.

The team announced Thursday that it re-signed cornerback Sherrick McManis, the special-teams stalwart from Northwestern, to a one-year deal.

McManis has been with the Bears for the last eight years, playing in 108 games, the longest stint on the team. He has 45 special-teams tackles in the last five years, tied for fourth-most in the NFL.

The Bears admire McManis’ leadership on special teams. He and Cordarrelle Patterson form perhaps the best punt-coverage duo in the NFL.

He has helped on defense in case of injury, too. McManis, who played two seasons with Charles Tillman, has kept the “Peanut Punch” tradition alive. He knocked a ball out of Raiders wide receiver Trevor Davis’ arms at the goal line in London last season.