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2020 NFL Draft: Teams must go ‘fully virtual,’ work from home

Everyone involved with the Bears’ 2020 NFL Draft operations will be working from his own home.

Ryan Pace will conduct the Bears’ first fully virtual draft.
AP Photos

The NFL will not allow teams to reopen their facilities or set up an offsite draft headquarters. Instead, they are required to keep all involved people working separately from their homes.

Bears general manager Ryan Pace had hoped to get a limited number of staff together at Halas Hall or use a makeshift draft headquarters at an alternate location. He was concerned about the possibility of having everyone work from separate locations and doing the draft completely through videoconferencing.

“There would be some challenges with that,” he said Friday.

The draft begins April 23, followed by the second and third rounds April 24 and the rest of it April 25. The Bears have seven selections, beginning with a pair of second-round picks.