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What jersey will the Bears wear?

The team put out its 2020 uniform schedule.

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
The Bears are wearing their 1936 throwback jerseys again this year.
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Bears will open the season in white, close it in navy and wear their two alternate jerseys in between.

Their uniform schedule, released Wednesday, features the team wearing their controversial segregation-era sets once this season. The Bears wore the uniforms, which were based on a 1936 design — a white jersey with navy and orange stripes, navy pants, striped socks and a navy helmet with a Michigan-style design — twice last year. They even posted a video last year in which chairman George McCaskey and five players talked about how that year’s team would include the first Black players to ever wear the uniforms.

“They prompted us to have a good discussion with our players last year, and the players said they were proud to be the first African-Americans to wear those jerseys, those uniforms,” McCaskey said Thursday. “We got good feedback on the look of them, and we’re looking forward to wearing them again this season.”

The Bears will wear their orange alternate jersey twice.

Below are the uniforms the team plans to wear this season. In all cases, navy jerseys are paired with traditional white pants; white jerseys with navy pants; orange jerseys with white pants; and the 1936 uniforms with their accompanying pants and striped socks.

Week 1 at Lions: White jersey

Week 2 vs. Giants: Navy jersey

Week 3 at Falcons: White jersey

Week 4 vs. Colts: Orange jersey

Week 5 vs. Patriots: Navy jersey

Week 6 at Panthers: White jersey

Week 7 at Rams: White jersey

Week 8 vs Saints: Navy jersey

Week 9 at Titans: White jersey

Week 10 vs. Vikings: Orange jersey

Week 11: Bye

Week 12 at Packers: White jersey

Week 13 vs. Lions: Navy jersey

Week 14 vs. Texans: 1936 jerseys

Week 15 at Vikings: White jerseys

Week 16 at Jaguars: White jerseys

Week 17 vs. Packers: Navy jerseys