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Bears predictions: Week 2 vs. Giants

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ home opener against the Giants.

New York Giants v Chicago Bears
Quarterbacks Mitch Trubisky and Daniel Jones talk after last year’s Bears-Giants game.
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ home opener against the Giants:


Bears 20-17

We have before us a clash between a Bears defense that gave up 426 yards to the lowly Lions in the opener and a Giants “running’’ game that could only get stud Saquon Barkley six yards on 15 carries in Week 1. Something, as they say, has to give. We’ll be talking about the 2-0 Bears on Monday. Season: 0-1.


Bears 21-17

The Bears didn’t play well and still beat the Lions last Sunday. The Giants aren’t much better. Quarterback Daniel Jones, aka “Danny Dimes,” should be hammered into a nickel by a Bears D cashing in. Season: 1-0.


Bears 18-10

If D’Andre Swift hadn’t dropped a touchdown, we would have spent all week wondering what happened to the vaunted Bears’ defense. While the Bears try to figure it out, they get a gift: a Giants offense that ranked fifth-worst in points, seventh-worst in yards and dead last in rushing last week. Season: 1-0.


Bears 24-10

This should be a feel-good win for the Bears against a Giants team that is 12-37 the last four years and was near the bottom of the NFL in scoring offense and defense last season. Everything should look better than it did in the opener. Season: 1-0.


Bears 23-10

The Bears are living right — catching a struggling Giants team on short rest at Soldier Field after beating the hapless Lions in their opener. If the Bears are making progress, this should be decisive. Season: 1-0.