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Eddie Jackson takes shot at Lance Briggs after he criticizes Bears safety’s tackling

In response to Briggs’ criticism, Jackson found a 10-year-old tweet that points out some of the former Bears linebacker’s own tackling problems.

Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones (33) is tackled by Chicago Bears free safety Eddie Jackson (4) during an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears.
Jeffrey Phelps/AP Photo

While Bears safety Eddie Jackson set a season high with eight tackles against the Packers, much of the discussion of his performance after the game focused on a play in which he failed to properly take down Green Bay receiver Davante Adams, who bounced off the defender to gain some significant bonus yardage.

Among those who criticized Jackson’s shoddy tackling technique was someone who knows a lot about tackling: Lance Briggs, the former Bears linebacker who recorded 1,181 tackles during his 7-time Pro Bowl career.

Now an analyst for NBC Sports Chicago, Briggs noted after the Bears’ 24-14 loss that Jackson’s name “keeps coming up for the wrong reasons.”

Apparently Jackson, a two-time Pro Bowler himself, got wind of Briggs’ post-game criticism. It’s also fair to say that he did not appreciate it considering the Bears safety responded by finding a 10-year-old tweet that highlights Briggs’ own tackling problems.

Jackson’s late-night shot didn’t last long on Twitter before being deleted.