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Bears predictions: Week 5 at Raiders

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears-Raiders game in Las Vegas.

Chicago Bears v Oakland Raiders
Raiders quarterback Derek Carr throws against the Bears on Oct. 6 in London.
Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears-Raiders game in Las Vegas:

Rick Morrissey

Raiders, 21-14: The Bears are coming off a nice win over a bad team. The Raiders are coming off a bad loss against a good team. Putting my advanced degree from the Chicago School of Crackpot Psychology to use, I see the crew from Vegas taking out its frustration on the Bears, whose win over the Lions didn’t have a lot of nutritional value. The Bears are going to miss David Montgomery. Season: 3-1.

Rick Telander

Raiders, 21-17: You wonder if the ball will bounce off Derek Carr into a Bears defender’s hands, the way it did off the Lions’ Jared Goff. Lucky things make a big difference in Las Vegas. Let’s say the dice roll 7-11 for the Raiders, snake eyes (no Montgomery) for the 2-2 Bears. I fear Jon Gruden zeroing in on Justin Fields. Season: 3-1.

Patrick Finley

Bears, 20-17 (OT): Are we sure the Raiders are good? Handing the Ravens their only loss would indicate as much. But the other two victories came at the 1-3 Steelers and at home — in overtime — against the 1-3 Dolphins. The Bears would be 3-1 with that schedule, too. And they’re not on a short week after playing Monday night. Season: 4-0.

Jason Lieser

Bears, 20-16: It’s not as perfect as playing the Lions at home, but this game sets up relatively well for Fields and the Bears. They should be able to get the running game going, and the Raiders don’t have a formidable pass rush to chase Fields. He’ll be choppy but ultimately more good than bad. Season: 3-1.

Mark Potash

Raiders, 24-14: The Bears are still a developing offense with Fields at QB and Bill Lazor calling plays. The Raiders, though on short rest, will be primed to atone for a bad performance against the Chargers. Season: 4-0.