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Bears predictions: Week 16 at Seahawks

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the game Sunday in Seattle.

Seattle Seahawks v Chicago Bears
Russell Wilson drops back to pass against the Bears three years ago.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ game Sunday against the Seahawks in Seattle:

Rick Morrissey

Seahawks, 17-13

These teams deserve each other, but what did Bears fans do to have their Sunday afternoon ruined by this matchup? The Seahawks are coming off a loss Tuesday to the Rams. That short turnaround should favor the Bears, but we’ve seen them lose in all sorts of ways this season. Why not this way? Season: 12-2.

Rick Telander

Seahawks, 28-16

You’ll forgive me for committing that cardinal sports sin — looking ahead — but I’m all about the Bears’ tussle Jan. 2 against the lowly Giants. Two (currently) 4-10 teams goin’ at it is fairer. The Seahawks are out of the impotent Bears’ league. Get this loss over with and gird up for good ol’ Mike Glennon. Season: 11-3.

Patrick Finley

Seahawks, 24-21

The last three opponents the Bears have played have had more rest than they have: The Cardinals and Packers were coming off byes, and the Vikings were coming off a Thursday game. Having played Tuesday, the Seahawks will have had one fewer day of rest than the Bears. That’ll make this thing close. Season: 11-3.

Jason Lieser

Seahawks, 22-20

These are two bad teams, but the Bears are worse and on the road. A defeat will give them their second-most losses in a season since 2002 and severely threaten coach Matt Nagy’s chance of leaving with a winning record. He’s 32-30. Season: 12-2.

Mark Potash

Seahawks, 23-16

The only certainty about the Bears in the final games of the season is that they won’t give up. With the Seahawks all but eliminated from playoff contention, this game truly could be a matter of who wants it more. Season: 11-3.