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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll blocked Russell Wilson trade to Bears: report

When the Bears’ massive offer for Wilson was rejected, they settled for signing free agent Andy Dalton.

Carroll was reportedly not interested in a rebuild.
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The Bears had a chance. They’d made a massive trade offer to the Seahawks for star quarterback Russell Wilson after a face-to-face meeting between general manager Ryan Pace and his counterpart, John Schneider, but the talks were shut down before they ever found out if they were close to meeting Seattle’s demands.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was the one who stepped in and ended the trade talks, NFL Network reported, despite the Bears offering three first-round picks, a third-round pick and two starters.

That Carroll was unwilling to let Wilson go was unsurprising and does not bode well for the Bears making another run at a trade. With Wilson clearly not an option, they settled for veteran Andy Dalton, a backup for the Cowboys last season, on a one-year, $10 million deal.

That gives them Nick Foles and Dalton as their quarterbacks for the 2021 season with the option to add another in the draft or by trading for someone like Sam Darnold. Dalton turns 33 this summer and finished 25th in passer rating last season; Foles is 32 and finished 29th.