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Corey Crawford’s self-injury not some typical punk move

So the Blackhawks have lost their outstanding goaltender, Corey Crawford, for a couple of weeks because he was at a concert and ‘‘missed a step’’ on the way out and messed up his ankle.

Word is it was a Rise Against concert at House of Blues, and Crawford, well, he hasn’t said much more about the incident and seemingly would like for it to slip away. But the injury heavily influences the Hawks, who are in a race with the Nashville Predators and the St. Louis Blues for the top spot in the Central Division.

So let’s sort some things out on our own. Rise Against is a Chicago neo-punk band, with Dead Kennedys and Rage Against the Machine and Clash overtones, a mile-a-minute holler fest that makes you want to thrash and possibly even mosh.

Deadspin doubted that Crawford was sober during the event, stating in a post: ‘‘There is no acceptable reason to see Rise Against unless you’re just there to get blindingly drunk. So.’’

But I disagree. For a guy like Crawford, who basically sweats and contorts for a living, a mosh pit is like life. Drunk or sober, it’s mayhem either way.

The thing about Rise Against — and you should watch the frenzied YouTube video of its song ‘‘Give It All,’’ shot in great part on a stuffed and raging L car — is that all the guys except drummer Brandon Barnes are straight edge. That is, they belong to a subculture of punk that refrains from all the life excesses of wacko early Brit and American rebel punk.

They’re vegans who don’t drink, smoke or use nicotine or illegal drugs. Plus, they support animal rights, gay rights and all kinds of progressive stuff. They thrash, yes, but they don’t puke on stage, etc.

I’d say it’s a great band for a goalie to follow because you’d better stay in shape to tag along with these dudes. ‘‘I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore’’ is an anti-gun, anti-poaching, anti-war Rise Against manifesto that all but demands you sweep your stick in front of you like a scythe and use your blocker to bash the bad guys.

And there’s the angry warning sign at the end of ‘‘Give It All’’ that reads, ‘‘I’ve Spent My Entire Life Trapped In a Cage.’’

Is that a goalie’s motto, or what?

◆ We haven’t talked much about athletes hurting themselves doing dumb stuff, such as celebrating on-field or on-court success, since Bears defensive end Lamarr Houston blew his knee out doing just that a few weeks ago.

Maybe Crawford wasn’t celebrating, but he likely was — how shall we put this? — having fun. So, for those brief moments before they landed and ripped their knees to shreds, were Northwestern kicker Sam Valenzisi in 1995 and Arizona Cardinals kicker Bill Gramatica in 2001.

I remember watching Valenzisi, an All-American kicker, leap into the air at Dyche Stadium to celebrate, of all things, one of his kickoffs, and then land, crumple to the turf and miss NU’s first Rose Bowl in almost half a century.

There was Aubrey Huff, the San Francisco Giants player who went on the disabled list in 2012 after hurting his knee while trying to get out of the dugout to celebrate Matt Cain’s perfect game. And there was Stephen Tulloch, the Detroit Lions defensive lineman, who tore his ACL this September celebrating a sack of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. (Safer, one suspects, is the Bears’ Willie Young, who, post-sack, merely mimics a fisherman hooking a big fish. Yet that could lead to a torn rotator cuff or back spasm. How about nothing?)

At any rate, the king of all dumb-butt selfie injuries has to be Los Angeles Angels first baseman Kendrys Morales, who, surrounded by teammates, ecstatically jumped on home plate at the end of his game-winning grand slam against the Seattle Mariners on May 28, 2010, and shattered his leg.

At the time, he was the Angels’ best hitter and a likely MVP candidate. He came back after almost two years of rehab but never regained his star prowess, and now he looks to be about done, having been traded three times. He posted an anemic .218 batting average for the Minnesota Twins and Mariners in 2014.

Lesson? I don’t know — Be careful? Stay near the ground? Don’t sack-dance? Wear sensible shoes? Have your insurance paid up? Life sucks, and then you die?

Sorry for the lecture, Corey.

◆ Meanwhile this week, veteran major-league umpire Dale Scott, 55, who has worked three World Series and three All-Star Games, came out as gay.

Scott hasn’t actually hidden that fact for years. Indeed, he and longtime boyfriend Michael Rausch, who met 28 years ago, were married in California last year. But made it official and global Tuesday.

Scott is the first out gay ump ever. Fine. Swell.

Now what can he do for the pitiful Cubs?