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Still passionate for hockey, Brodeur ready to help Blues

Martin Brodeur is with the St. Louis Blues. Let’s repeat that again: Martin Brodeur is with the St. Louis Blues.

It’s understandable if that sounds bizarre to you, because Brodeur is still getting used to the idea himself.

“It feels weird, definitely, to put on a different uniform but it’s something that I could see coming the last few years in New Jersey that it could have been a possibility,” Brodeur said. “I’m just glad that I’m coming into a great organization with a really good hockey club in front of me.”

Brodeur officially signed a one-year deal with the Blues on Tuesday after joining the team on a professional tryout last week. St. Louis needed a goalie to pair with Jake Allen after starter Brian Elliott went down with a lower-body injury.

Enter Brodeur, who wasn’t re-signed this summer by the New Jersey Devils after winning 688 games, the Vezina Trophy four times, and three Stanley Cup titles. With that resume and his place in the sport’s history secure Brodeur didn’t need to play again, but his love of the game brought him to the Blues where he’ll get his share of time alongside Wednesday’s starter Allen.

“I still have that passion to go and hang out with the guys and live some experiences as far as hockey and being competitive,” Brodeur said. “It’s hard when it’s taken away from you and you can’t compete. That adrenaline rush is something that’s pretty cool, so hopefully I’ll find that and have fun with it this year.”

At 42 and with declining numbers, it’s fair to wonder whether Brodeur has anything left to give, especially for a top team like the Blues. When asked about that, Brodeur quipped that he’s “well rested” and also feels good.

“I can’t wait to get games and then see how it’s going to go,” Brodeur said. “It’s a great situation here. They have two great goalies that are doing real well as we speak right now, and I’m just glad that I can come in here and complement the team.”

Hawks coach Joel Quenneville’s sentiments probably reflect what a lot of hockey fans are thinking about Brodeur in St. Louis.

“It will be unusual to see him in that uniform there, for sure,” Quenneville said. “He’s had an amazing career and I’m sure that his experience is going to help the organization and their team. So, we’ll see how it all plays out but certainly I’m sure they’re excited about him coming to their team.”