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Orange County Register columnist Jeff Miller thinks Blackhawks fans are rude and smell bad

It’s pretty clear the Orange County Register columnist Jeff Miller doesn’t like Blackhawks fans very much. In his latest column, he calls out the Chicago fans for being rude at the Honda Center.

Before Game 1 between the Anaheim Ducks and the Blackhawks, Miller says all Blackhawks fans are “annoying.”

But you are annoying, particularly in the way you’ll squeeze yourselves into Honda Center during this series and produce enough noise to seemingly split in half the allegiance inside the Ducks’ home.

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Miller thinks the Blackhawks fans are rude because they cheer loud for their team and get excited when a Blackhawks player scores. Isn’t that what every fan does?

Chicago fans will invade Honda Center, proudly showing off their Blackhawks jerseys and Midwest accents, chanting their grating chants, cheering when it’s entirely inappropriate to do so and standing to gloat every time Jonathan Toews does anything even remotely productive, like blow his nose on the ice.

The Orange County Register writer is showing a clear bias for Ducks fans. Miller even attacks the Blackhawks fans hygiene.

But I am saying that you do annoy, sort of like Red Wings fans, only with worse personal hygiene.

A Blackhawks fan must have disrespected Miller at some point in his life because he has true hatred towards the Blackhawks fans.