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One lucky fan met Blackhawks organist Frank Pellico

Blackhawks organist Frank Pellico wears his Stanley Cup Championship ring as he plays his Hammond organ. Ridgeland Common Ice Rink hosted a hockey game between Oak Park River Forest High School and Fenwick High School alumni Friday afternoon before the rink closes for renovation. | Jon Langham~for Sun-Times Media

Blackhawks organist Frank Pellico made a Blackhawks fans day when he went into Taco Bell, and bought a Pepsi.

One fan posted on Reddit that Pellico came into Taco Bell, where the fan works, and allowed him to wear his Stanley Cup rings.

Well basically he was our first customer of the day, he came through and ordered a large diet Pepsi, he pulled up and paid I hand him his drink and he asks me if I like hockey. I say “Of course, I love hockey!” (at this time I didn’t recognize who he was) he asked me if I had a few minutes, and I said of course.

So he pulled around and tells me he is the organist for the Blackhawks and I go “FRANK PELLICO? I saw you on TV!” He smiles and pulls out the rings from his car and asks if I have a camera. I say “oh heck yes!” and he says “good, give me you hands and when I put them on raise your hands near your face and make two fists.” So I do, and he snaps a few photos. We talked hockey a bit, and apparently he lives a few minutes away from me. My only regret is that I did not get a picture of him and I together, I was awestruck by the hardware.

Just another reason to love this organization, here’s a guy who goes out of the way to share what he’s accomplished without even being asked to, rings worth hundreds of thounsands of dollars and a priceless amount of sentimental value. And he makes a strangers day just because he can.

This gives a personality to a man who isn’t usually seen during the Blackhawks game.