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Young hockey player recreates Jonathan Toews' trick shot

Kids love to recreate the amazing plays they see on TV from star athletes. Whether it’s lowering a basketball hoop for a dunk contest or imitating their favorite batter’s stance, it’s all part of the fun of sports.

One young hockey fan decided to give something he saw from Jonathan Toews a shot. A video was posted last week of the Blackhawks captain shooting a puck into a net, popping a water bottle into the air, then drilling the water bottle with a second shot.

So what did young Carter Pauli do? The 12-year-old perfectly recreated the trick shot in his driveway.

[iframe src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>]

From the sound of his “finally” at the end of the video, it wasn’t his first attempt. But either way, that’s some impressive work by the young hockey player.