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Marian Hossa and Jonathan Toews give the Blackhawks the lead

Marian Hossa did a little bit of everything for the Blackhawks during a crazy stretch where they would retake the lead over the Montreal Canadiens.

While helping to kill off a Canadiens power play, Hossa took a stick to the face for the second time in as many games against Montreal. While no stitches were needed this time, it did force a 4-on-4 and an eventual Blackhawks power play.

Just a few moments later, Hossa was back on the ice and on the attack. Hossa tried to find Patrick Kane for a one-timer, but Kane instead passed to Jonathan Toews for what looked like a wide open goal. Toews missed his opportunity, fortunately, Hossa was there to clean things up.

Hossa – right place, right time

After the Blackhawks scored their first goal, Montreal answered with another goal just minutes later. Once again, the Blackhawks goal was followed by another, however this time the United Center crowd enjoyed things a bit more.

On what was a questionable non-call for icing, Toews found the puck once again. The captain took the puck from behind the Montreal net and scored the Blackhawks third goal of the game.

Toews finishes this time

The Blackhawks would take that 3-1 lead into the second intermission of the game.