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To cheer or not? Blackhawks fans vote on national anthem policy

Chicago Blackhawks Vs Calgary Flames. Chicago Blackhawks during the National Anthem at the Mad House On Madison Street. Friday April 26, 2013 I Photo by Scott Stewart~Sun-Times

Every fan base across the country has their special traditions, for Blackhawks fans their tradition may be one of the most noticeable and, at times, controversial.

At the start of every game inside the United Center, Blackhawks fans stand up and cheer throughout the national anthem. It’s a tradition that has gone on for decades and can give chills to even the most cynical of fans.

However, those outside the fan base often see the display as a sign of disrespect. This can cause problems when Blackhawks fans, who always seem to travel well, hit the road to other arenas.

Fortunately, it seems Blackhawks fans seem to understand how to behave when not at home.

The overwhelming majority, nearly 75 percent of fans, believe they should only cheer during the anthem before home games.

Cheering during the National Anthem has gone on since the days of Chicago Stadium. One of the most iconic moments in team history came as fans roared during the rendition before the 1991 NHL All-Star Game.

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