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You’ll feel exhausted just watching this Zach LaVine sand workout

This probably isn’t for everyone.

Zach LaVine is already back at it this offseason.
David Zalubowski/AP Photo

Not that you needed any reminders that it’s difficult being a professional athlete, but Bulls guard Zach LaVine’s latest workout does a solid job showing what it takes to stay in shape during the offseason.

As posted by Bleacher Report (several days after a highly edited version came out on the Bulls’ official Twitter), LaVine and his father have taken to a sand-covered area to practice layups as part of one offseason workout.


As anyone who’s ever done anyone athletic at a beach can attest to, it takes a lot more exertion to do anything on sand compared to, say, hardwood. Even basic jogging can be a lot more demanding, so running back and forth while jumping for layups would likely leave most people exhausted quickly.

For LaVine, it’s potentially a way to maximize his explosiveness and endurance upon returning to the court next season.

Here’s the video originally posted by the Bulls last week: