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Closings give way to 'repositioning' Sears, Kmart stores in 2015

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Watch for more Sears and Kmart stores to move or rent space to other retailers in 2015.

The struggling Hoffman Estates-based retailer expects to start 2015 with about 1,700 stores after closing more than 200 in 2014.

“We will continue to integrate our stores with our online and mobile capabilities, to improve our service and our relationships,” chairman and CEO Eddie Lampert wrote in a blog post Monday. “In addition, we are continuing to evaluate and execute on options to adjust the size of our stores by partnering with mall owners and other retailers.”

“In some places mall owners and developers have approached us with the opportunity to reposition our stores for other uses and are willing to compensate us.”

Kmart already has carved out space and rented it to retailers such as Whole Foods, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Forever 21.

h/t SeekingAlpha