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Calumet Photo opens store in Lincoln Park

Calumet Photo has opened a store in Lincoln Park, not far from its former haunts on Goose Island.

Well-known among professional photographers, the new store at 819 W. Eastman will also try to appeal to enthusiasts.

“This is an up-and-coming neighborhood. It’ll be a blend of the old and the new,” said Chaim Pikarski, executive vice president of C&A Marketing, Calumet Photo‘s parent company. “We’ll cater to the professional photographer and have an added focus on imaging in hopes of attracting the enthusiasts too.”

The Lincoln Park store opened Sunday, about 10 months after the chain abruptly closed its U.S. stores and filed bankruptcy. C&A bought the brand and in May reopened its store in Oak Brook. The company recently rebranded a Wolf Camera store in Northbrook as a Calumet Photo store.

Pikarski said there are no immediate plans for additional stores.

C&A Marketing, based in Ridgefield, N.J., also owns brands such as Ritz Camera & Imaging, Wolf Camera and Camera World.