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Business Beat: Spending your gas savings? | Cards Against Humanity sells poop | More time for last-minute shoppers

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Savings on gas not going under the tree:

Eight out of 10 people say they are going to do the very un-holiday-like “pay bills” or “save” with the money they aren’t spending at the gas pump.

30,000 bought Cards Against Humanity’s poop

Some people who ordered CAH’s $6 box of poop were surprised by what they got — and what they didn’t.

Amazon gives last-minute shoppers a little more time

Amazon is courting last-minute holiday shoppers by extending its free-shipping deadline by one day to Dec. 19.

Potbelly planning European expansion [Crain’s]

Boeing 737 factory to use all clean energy

ALSO: Boeing breaks ground on new St. Louis plant

T-Mobile to let customers carry over unused data

McDonald’s Japan rations fries as West Coast port dispute drags on [Reuters]

Southwest bag workers picket over flight delays

An early rally fizzles, leaving US indexes lower

Apple wins class-action iPod lawsuit

Progressive moves in on Allstate’s home-insurance turf [Bloomberg]

Navistar posts larger-than-expected quarterly loss [Reuters]

Danica Patrick is new face of west suburban hospital group [Crain’s]

Samsung in talks to launch Apple Pay competitor [Re/code]

Fiat’s Chrysler Group changes its name to FCA US

CVS Health hikes dividend, expects growth

RadioShack hires advisory firm, making more cuts

ADM sells cocoa business for $1.3 billion