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Comcast unveils 'talking guide'

Comcast is rolling out a voice-enabled TV guide on its X1 platform.

Comcast said its Xfinity TV system’s voice-enabled guide will be an industry first. A female voice reads aloud such things a program titles, network names and time slots on the TV screen as a user navigates through sections of X1.

“The talking guide feature will enable all of our customers to experience the X1 platform in a new way, and give our blind and visually impaired customers the freedom to independently explore and navigate thousands of shows and movies,” Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts said in a news release.

X1 customers will be able to activate the talking guide on their existing set top box by tapping the “A” button twice on their remote control. The feature also can be turned on via the “accessibility settings” within the main settings menu. The talking guide will be available in a few weeks.