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Tribune Media's Gracenote buys Australian TV data firm

Gracenote Inc. announced Thursday it paid $19 million for an Australian company that provides TV and movie data.

Gracenote, a division of Tribune Media Co., said the purchase of HWW will help it expand business throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

“We are seeing increasing demand from customers to support Australia and the surrounding region,” said John Batter, CEO of Gracenote. “With the addition of HWW and the recent acquisition of What’s-ON, Gracenote is now in a position to support our customers and help expand their products and services in Australia, India and throughout Asia-Pacific.”

Australia is one of the top 15 TV markets in the world, with a growing base of digital and connected TV services, Gracenote said. HWW will continue to operate from Sydney, Australia.

Tribune Media acquired Gracenote earlier this year and integrated it with Tribune Media Services, under the Gracenote brand.

Tribune Media’s Gracenote buys movie, TV data company Baseline