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ADM opens part of food-ingredient plant in China

Archer Daniels Midland Co. on Wednesday officially opened the sweetener-making portion of a production plant in China.

The Chicago-based agribusiness company said the integrated food manufacturing complex will be its first wholly owned food-ingredient facility in China. The plant, in Tianjin, will also make soluble fiber for use in foods and beverages when work on the plant is completed next year.

“With demand for sweeteners and soluble fiber growing, we recognize that our customers need to source high-quality products from a trusted and reliable partner,” Ismael Roig, ADM vice president and president for Asia-Pacific, said in a news release.

ADM began operations in China in 1995 when it bought an animal-feed premix plant. Archer Daniels Midland is among the top exporters of grain to Asia, and has a network of offices throughout the Asia-Pacific region that market food ingredients, animal feeds and premixes.