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Walgreen, WebMD team up on health, wellness program

Walgreen Co. and WebMD Health Corp. are combining efforts on health-improvement programs that award discounts to people who make healthy choices.

The Deerfield-based drugstore chain will integrate its Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices program into the WebMD virtual-wellness coaching programs. The companies will offer co-branded health information online and in drugstores. And WebMD’s website will let visitors refill prescriptions or schedule clinic appointments at Walgreens drugstores.

“We’re excited to work with WebMD to provide our customers with new health resources,” said Alex Gourlay, Walgreens president for customer experience and daily living. “Customers of both companies will benefit from WebMD’s digital engagement tools combined with assistance from Walgreens’ community pharmacists and nurse practitioners to help them adopt healthy lifestyles.”

Walgreens wants to coach you on stopping smoking, eating healthy