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FreightCar America to expand in northwest Alabama

BARTON, Ala. — FreightCar America Inc. has announced plans to expand its operations in northwest Alabama, saying it will bring 150 to 200 more jobs into the facility it shares with Navistar Corp.

FreightCar executives say they intend to add a rail car production line as part of a $10 million investment at Barton Riverfront Industrial Park in Colbert County.

The TimesDaily reports the company announced the expansion plans Monday.

Joe McNeely, president and chief executive officer for Chicago-based FreightCar, said the plant will have capacity to build 6,000 to 8,000 rail cars per year when fully operational by the second quarter of 2015.

FreightCar already has about 500 employees at the plant. Navistar general manager Ray Koopman said about 300 Navistar employees also occupy the plant.