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Lake Zurich's Acco Brands to move jobs from the Philippines to Mississippi

BOONEVILLE, Miss. — Acco Brands will move some billing jobs from the Philippines to Mississippi, adding 34 jobs in Booneville.

The company, based in Lake Zurich, made the announcement Tuesday, saying it would invest $160,000.

The Mississippi Development Authority will give $150,000 to help pay for office renovations, while Booneville and Prentiss County will split a 10 percent local match, paying $7,500 each. MDA spokeswoman Tammy Craft says the city and county also plan to provide a break on non-school property taxes, but says its projected value hasn’t been determined.

Acco makes office supplies under brands including Mead, Swingline, Five Star and Day Runner. The expansion will bring employment at its Booneville regional headquarters to 613, after Acco expanded its distribution center there in 2008 and added a call center in 2014.