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Zipcar aims to be more flexible

Zipcar aims to be more flexible — and it has nothing to do with the kind of gas in the tank.

The car-sharing company owned by Avis Budget Group will soon launch new features such as letting users drop off the car across town, change plans along the way and extend the ride without penalty.

Zipcar will roll out its flexible service first in Los Angeles in the next few weeks, then to Chicago and other major markets over the next 12 to 18 months.

“We’ve known for the past 16 years that the future of mobility is paying for the trip, not the car, and this evolution will enable Zipcar continue to lead the transformation in urban mobility,” Zipcar president Kaye Ceille said in a news release.

“This ‘most flexible Zipcar yet’ provides a comprehensive mobility service that solves transportation challenges for cities and enables our members even more freedom and spontaneity.”

Zipcar operates in more than 500 cities and towns across eight countries and on more than 500 college campuses.