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How to get Spanish-language news in Chicago

Here’s how to access fresh La Voz Chicago content from the Chicago Sun-Times, along with content from other Spanish-language news outlets.


Leer en español

The Chicago Sun-Times’ La Voz Chicago news website is aiming to be a major hub for Spanish-language news in Chicago and the suburbs. Readers also can sign up for the “La Voz a Las Dos” newsletter, which puts Spanish-language stories directly in readers’ email inboxes at 2 p.m. each weekday.

Here’s everything you need to know about La Voz Chicago.

• Website:
(For directions on how to bookmark the La Voz homepage to your iPhone like a news app, click here.)

• Daily newsletter sign-up:

• Twitter:

• Facebook:

Other Spanish-language news outlets in Chicago include:

• Univision Chicago:

• Telemundo Chicago:

• La Raza:

• Reflejos (Daily Herald Media Group):

• South Side Weekly:

• Cicero Independiente:

• LATINEXT (The Chicago Reporter):

• Contratiempo:

• La DePaulia (DePaul University student newspaper):