Six Illinois-based nonprofit organizations made an appearance on the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s list of fundraising charities.

The YMCA of the USA was the first Illinois-based organization at No. 11, raising $698 million in 2017. The most notable organization of locally-based nonprofits was the Obama Foundation at No. 82, which brought in $233 million in fundraising in 2017.

Others Illinois nonprofits on the list were:

No. 36 -University of Chicago, raised $479 million.

No. 51 – Northwestern University, raised $344 million.

No. 65 – The Rotary Foundation raised $292 million.

No. 69 – Alzheimer’s Association, raised $279 million.

The Chronicle wanted to identify organizations that “most successfully earn direct financial support from individuals, foundations, and corporations.”

The United Way topped the overall list with $3.2 billion.