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Chicagoans stock up at Whole Foods after Amazon cuts prices

A Whole Foods Market

Some local suppliers whose partnership grew out of the Englewood location feel unsure about what to expect since Amazon acquired Whole Foods. | Sun-Times file photo

News of price cuts at Whole Foods in the wake of the high-end grocery chain’s sale to Amazon had some Chicagoans on the march to the Gold Coast location on Monday.

Jason Highgrove lugged two full bags of groceries out of the store at Dearborn and Huron and estimated his trip cost about $10 or $15 less than it normally does.

“So that’s an extra round of beers at the bar, right?” he quipped.

A gallon of 2 percent milk at the store was going for $2.99, while a dozen organic eggs cost $3.99 and ground beef was on sale for $4.99 per pound.

Discounts on such staples were Amazon’s first major change announced after completing a $13.7 billion deal to take over Whole Foods.

Jaseen Green said she didn’t notice much of a change in prices at the Gold Coast Whole Foods store at 30 W. Huron St. on Monday. | Mitchell Armentrout/Sun-Times

“Things seem about normal to me,” Jaseen Green said as she walked out of the store with yogurt and salmon. Green works as a nanny in River North and said prices at that Whole Foods dwarf the ones at the location closer to her Englewood home.

“You see a lot higher prices in this neighborhood no matter what,” she said.

Gold Coast resident Mary McGrant said prices seemed a little more reasonable.

“But it’s hard to tell you saved anything once they tack on all the taxes,” she said, toting a 2-liter bottle of ginger ale.