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Godiva, Ghirardelli won our hearts, timelines

The Valentine’s Day chocolates are probably long gone. Maybe the flowers too. What’s left are the bragging rights for companies that won over consumers’ hearts and timelines.

Technology and data company Engagement Labs says Godiva took top honors among confection companies on Twitter while Ghirardelli Chocolate Co. was No. 1 on Facebook.

“Valentine’s Day has become a social media battle between the confectionery brands,” said Bryan Segal, chief executive of Engagement Labs, which created the eValue score used in the rankings.

Godiva used a sweepstakes hashtag to encourage Twitter users to get involved. Ghirardelli’s Facebook campaign focused on the person giving the present as well as the person receiving it, Segal said.

“Godiva doesn’t just step it up for Valentine’s Day, it develops sustained campaigns to engage chocolate lovers all year long and to keep them coming back for more,” he said.

“[Ghirardelli] took the time to understand what their audience wanted and created engaging content to meet their chocolate craving.”


  1. Godiva
  2. Jelly Belly
  3. M&M’s Brand
  4. NECCO
  5. Ghirardelli Chocolate
  6. Cadbury
  7. Hershey’s Kisses
  8. Reese’s
  9. Dylans Candy Bar
  10. Nestle


  1. Ghirardelli Chocolate
  2. Godiva
  3. M&M’s Brand
  4. Lindt Chocolate
  5. Dove Chocolate
  6. Jelly Belly
  7. Hershey’s
  8. Reese’s
  9. Ferrero Rocher
  10. Nestle