A Chicago Walmart store was temporarily closed Wednesday after a health inspector found over 400 rodent droppings throughout the store.

The store, which failed its most recent health inspection Tuesday, is at 4650 W. North Ave.

According to the health inspection report, there were 405 mouse droppings throughout the store, including 35 droppings under the cereal and snack shelves, 100 droppings along the wall of the dog food and toilet paper shelves and 25 droppings in the bakery section. The droppings were initially noticed during a previous inspection on July 31, but were not cleaned up, the report said.

The store wrote on Facebook:

“Our store on North Avenue is temporarily closed as we address a situation following a City of Chicago inspection. We have stringent quality standards in place and are working closely with the health department. We take this matter seriously and will reopen as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers.”

One person commented on the Facebook post, saying this Walmart location is “one of the nastiest and [most] unorganized stores I’ve ever had to shop at.”