Barack Obama probably isn’t nostalgic for his pre-presidency commutes on the Dan Ryan Expressway, but he’ll be back for the Wednesday morning rush as he reports for jury duty in his hometown.

Sources at the Daley Center told the Chicago Sun-Times that Secret Service agents scouted the downtown courthouse on Tuesday to prepare for #44’s anticipated arrival after 8 a.m. Wednesday.

Anyone working at the Daley Center — or who happened to be called for jury duty on the same day as Obama — can expect heightened security measures, sources said.

Chief Judge Timothy Evans told Cook County board members last month that Obama had been called to serve, but Evans didn’t reveal when or where the former president would be called.

Obama’s jury duty appearance comes on the heels of his Obama Foundation Summit last week on the South Side.

It’s not the first time a jury summons has been sent to Obama’s Kenwood home, though it will be the first time he can pocket the $17.20 paycheck that Cook County jurors receive for each day of service.

His name popped up on a jury duty list at the Bridgeview courthouse in January 2010, but with a busy start to his second year as president, Obama passed along word that he wouldn’t make it.