“Serial Stowaway” Marilyn Hartman will remain locked up on charges stemming from her latest arrest on airport grounds, as a Cook County judge Wednesday denied a request to move the 66-year-old into a “secure” facility outside the jail.

Hartman has been held without bail since last week following her arrest in Terminal 3 at O’Hare Airport, just days after she was released from custody for allegedly sneaking aboard a British Airways flight to London and successfully making it to Heathrow Airport.

Hartman’s lawyer and Sheriff Tom Dart have said the Chicago native does not belong in a jail cell, and on Wednesday, Hartman’s attorney asked Judge Donald Pararese Jr. to allow her to be moved to a site managed by A Safe Haven, a non-profit that provides housing and counseling for former jail inmates who are homeless or have substance abuse problems.

Frowning at the silver-haired defendant in front of him, Panarase — who last month released Hartman on a recognizance bond, only to have her show up at O’Hare three days later — refused the request, agreeing with prosecutors that the facility likely could not keep Hartman from returning to an airport.

“I would think the airport has better security than Safe Haven,” Panarese said.

“I have to question what the airport is doing at this time,” Assistant Public Defender Parle Roe-Taylor said, pointing out that on the multiple occasions Hartman has been arrested at Chicago airports, she has never been accused of using force to circumvent security or board planes.

Hartman, Roe-Taylor said, has also been unfailingly polite and “cooperative” when stopped by authorities.

“She hasn’t been cooperative with me,” Panarese said. “I advised her to stay away from the airport…within three days, she was back there.”

Roe-Taylor last week said that she was trying to find housing for Hartman in Cook County. Hartman, who has listed her addresses as Chicago shelters or as “homeless” in court records over the years, has more recently listed her address at an apartment complex in northwest suburban Grayslake.

Roe-Taylor suggested Hartman could be outfitted with a GPS-locator device and that Safe Haven officials monitor both the people entering and exiting their facilities.

Hartman faces a misdemeanor charges of trespassing and a felony theft charge for her trip to London, in addition to more trespassing charges and a bond violation for her return to O’Hare.

While court records indicate she takes an anti-depressant and has suffered from severe depression, she has been found fit to face charges on multiple occasions following her arrests.