A Chicago man is seeking clemency after serving over two decades in prison for the 1993 shooting death of his sister’s boyfriend.

Andrew Suh’s petition for executive clemency is one of nearly 130 requests the Illinois Prisoner Review Board will consider during three days of hearings scheduled to begin Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The board will give Gov. Bruce Rauner their confidential recommendations, but the governor isn’t obligated to make a decision on the requests by a certain date, if at all.

Suh said he accepts full responsibility for the death of Robert O’Dubaine, 31, but that he hopes to have his 80-year sentence reduced to time served.

“He should serve his full sentence,” said Robert Berlin, who prosecuted the case. “Anything less would be an injustice.”

Authorities say Suh and his sister, Catherine Suh, plotted to kill O’Dubaine for his $250,000 insurance policy. But Andrew Suh said he shot O’Dubaine because he thought he was protecting his sister, who he said told him the victim had killed their mother.

O’Dubaine’s brother and retired Judge John Morrissey, who convicted and sentenced Andrew Suh, said they don’t oppose his early release. They said O’Dubaine’s death wouldn’t have occurred if not for Catherine Suh, who is serving a life sentence without parole.

“I believe I alluded to how I felt when I sentenced him, saying in spite of his heinous crime, rehabilitation was strongly possible,” Morrissey said.

Records show Andrew Suh currently is serving his sentence at Dixon Correctional Center, where he assists disabled inmates and volunteers in the facility’s hospice unit. He’ll be eligible for parole in 2034.

“Today, as a 43-year-old man, it befuddles me that I could have actually did this,” Suh said. “But, at the time, it seemed right. It’s what my sister wanted and what I thought was supposed to happen.”