Pooper Troopers: battling River North’s dog poop problems

SHARE Pooper Troopers: battling River North’s dog poop problems
SHARE Pooper Troopers: battling River North’s dog poop problems

Don’t be fooled: this little guy’s poop is still a big mess so pick it up.

For dog owners, there are a few basic rules that are very simple to follow that make you a decent human being. One of those things is picking up your own dog’s poop, particularly if it’s in a public place or basically anywhere else that’s not your private yard. (And even then that’s pretty gross to just let the turds pile up in your grilling zone.)

There’s an epidemic of dog poop in River North, though, and things are getting bad.

Like, really bad.

As in, some crazy person smeared poop on Ald. Brendan Reilly’s chief-of-staff bad.

We always knew there was mud-slinging in politics but smearing dookie on a guy is pretty nasty.

DNA Info is on the story that’s putting the number two in the 42nd ward.

The alderman recounted a recent incident in which an area resident smeared poop on the shirt of Reilly’s chief of staff when she asked the woman to pick up after her dog. The dog took a big poop, and this woman was prepared to keep walking, Reilly told the meeting. And my chief of staff said, ‘Excuse me, miss, you’ve gotta pick that up.’ And the woman, I swear to God, walked over, with her bare hands, picked up the poop and smeared it all over my chief of staff’s jacket.

Ald. Reilly, who’s used to getting dumped on, admits it’s residents from both inside and outside the ward that are responsible for the lack of poop-picking. But he’s hoping maybe people will decide to be decent as the ward gets ready to spiff up a dog-friendly area at Ward Park.

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