David Miller not running for Jesse Jackson Jr. seat

SHARE David Miller not running for Jesse Jackson Jr. seat
SHARE David Miller not running for Jesse Jackson Jr. seat

Former State Rep. David Miller announced Monday that is not running in the special election to replace former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

As of Monday morning, 10 Democrats have filed with the Illinois State Board of Elections with more expected to jump in the primary.

Click below for his statement….

below, David Miller statement…..

When I first ran for office twelve years ago the reasons were simple. I wanted to protect the vulnerable, provide growth and opportunities to struggling communities and level the educational playing field. As a dentist and a small businessman, I witnessed the affect on everyday people and it provided a great sense of satisfaction. I also realized that to change larger systems and protect everyday working people, a greater platform was needed. That’s why I ran for State Representative.

Helping people have better lives is what drove me to seek passage of the Payday Loan Reform Act and Urban Developmental Authority Act. Knowing that many working families desired, but struggled to afford, a higher education for their children was instrumental in me pushing the College Affordability Plan. I also fought for fair and equitable Educational Funding Reform for financially struggling public schools. I rolled up my sleeves and served as Chairman of Appropriations for Higher Education, Chairman of Pension Procurement and Vice-Chairman of the Transportation committee. This ultimately led me to seek statewide office as Illinois Comptroller.

This passion for people still exists in me today and is why I have been considering running for the recently vacated 2nd Congressional seat.

I would like to thank Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. for his years of service to the 2nd Congressional District. His discipline in his attendance in his voting record, providing clear water for residences of Ford Heights, championing and structuring the only actual south suburban airport plan in addition to providing nearly a billion dollars in funding for numerous projects in the district should not be tarnished by the developments that have surrounded his resignation. I wish him a full recovery and his family well.

As a Congressman I would have the opportunity to use my expertise as a dentist and health care administrator to help Illinois craft the response to National Health Care and Health Exchanges. As a small businessman, I would be able to use my experience to fight for jobs and job growth in communities in desperate need. It would also be exciting to use my experience of working with both political parties on education issues that can be the one real solution to poverty in America. I’m excited at the prospects of seamlessly working on a national, state and local level, in playing an active role in the solutions to some of our nation’s greatest challenges.

Since Congressman Jackson’s announcement, I have been deep in thought and prayer.As the longest serving elected official within the 2nd district, as well as having the highest voter turnout in areas within the district, running seemed like the obvious thing to do. I have spoken with supporters in the local grocery store, to others across the country, all of whom have encouraged me to run. The commitment of financial resources and my strength in initial polling, all indicate a very strong campaign. Most importantly I have discussed this exciting opportunity with my wife Donna and my two boys, Daniel and Donovan, family and friends.

Running for office is about more than just winning – it is about the same things it was about 12 years ago. My campaign for the 2nd Congressional seat would be about the people – their needs, their issues- and how best to solve them. My campaign would not be about dividing people, or taking a position because it is politically expedient. In my years of working to develop the Abraham Lincoln National Airport, it’s refreshing to hear so many candidates for the first time say “I’m for the third airport.” But that’s too general. What I didn’t hear was “I will fight for it.” I have heard candidates seeking to get an edge based on race or gender. This disturbs me the greatest. I have worked hard to help our region overcome these issues by addressing what covers us all under the same umbrella.

During the holiday season I have had the opportunity to reflect on the potential delicate balance between my passion for the 2nd Congressional District and my family. This has been a very difficult decision for me and my family. Although I believe that I can truly make a difference with my legislative background, business acumen along with the spirit that I possess for the people of the 2nd Congressional District, at this time I will not be a candidate for its vacant seat.

Our boys are at a critical age where, as most parents know lost time with them is something “you can never get back”. As with most families, Donna and I juggle both our work schedules with our roles as parents to provide a safe and loving environment. I view my role as parent as a sacred responsibility. Recently, my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease that’s progressing. As she continues to age, my siblings and I have made commitments for her care. You only get to have one mother. The realization that the level of commitment and sacrifice that’s needed for serving as Congressman could only jeopardize my level of commitment I have for my family. Ultimately, both would suffer and it would not be fair to them.

Though I will not be a candidate for Congress I will continue to work to make the lives of those around me better. One way that I can do that is by asking the voters of the 2nd Congressional District to ask those seeking their vote to answer 2 simple questions: “why” do they wish to serve and “what” do they plan to do. Don’t let them distract you with their resume’s, instead make them “wow” you with their plans and ideas to make your life, our neighborhood, and our district a better place to live. Make them earn your trust by their actions, not by their rhetoric or desire to win.

After all of these years, I can still cite the reasons why I ran in the first place. It has never been for political points, or just to win but the values that are held close to my heart.

It is my vision and what I truly believe.



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