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Emanuel: Recent slaying gives urgency to report's recommendations

As city leaders Tuesday unveiled a new “road map” to combat violence, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said last weekend’s slaying of Johnson College Prep student Demario Bailey highlights the importance of not letting the new report “gather dust.”

“This weekend, all of us were reminded of the urgency of this work,” Emanuel said, speaking at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Emanuel frequently talked about the need to support women like Delores Bailey, Demario’s grieving mother.

The Report, entitled “Mayor’s Commission for a Safer Chicago,” was a collaborative effort involving city staff, religious leaders, parents and youth — among others.

The commission’s task was to make recommendations to tackle city violence “that build on current investments and leverage existing city and community resources.”

Some of the recommendations include: creating a “training bridge” for kids to build on skills they learned during city summer jobs programs; enlisting “high-profile ambassadors” to help promote city youth programs; create a pilot “homicide crisis response” model that helps surviving victims deal with the emotional trauma of violence.