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Cops get a new contract — but they still won't vote for Rahm

With news that Mayor Emanuel has given police a new contract, I had to ask some cops I know: Are you going to vote for Rahm?

And the answer was resounding: Hell, no!

Proving that police like the mayor about as much as librarians and teachers do.

And the reason? Pensions.

Pensions matter a lot to police because, like teachers and other public-sector workers, they’re not eligible for social security. Plus, they have to retire by law at age 63, so they can’t work on and on until they drop.

Also, it’s a hard job that can bring them face to face with the world’s nastiest miscreants—some of whom are armed.

So it’s not surprising that many police officers count down those last few years before retirement, when they can look forward to an annual salary of as much as $60,000.

There are two schools of thought regarding police pensions. One is what I call the Ben attitude—modestly named for myself. It goes like this: Thanks for the service. Better you get my tax dollars than Marriott and DePaul and the mayor’s entertainment complex for tourists.

Then there are those who say: To hell with that! I don’t get a pension. Why should cops?