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Look for a Fioretti & Lewis tango

We’re off! But we need more horses in the race.

Second Ward Ald. Bob Fioretti’s Sept. 13 announcement of his candidacy marked the unofficial kickoff of the 2015 mayoral campaign.

So far, Fioretti is the only boldface name with the hutzpah to take on Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the Feb. 24 mayoral election.

Fioretti, a two-term alderman whose ward takes in parts of the South and Near West sides, is a consistent and fierce Emanuel critic. That’s why he was redistricted right out of his ward in 2011.

He has nowhere to go but up, but he can’t take City Hall on his own. Right now, his standing is limited to his old base and hyperactive progressives who will take “Anybody but Rahm.”

Fioretti could raise $3 million-plus. Count on Emanuel to pull in $20 million-plus.

If it’s mano a mano, it’s over.

Fioretti needs another contender. Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis is seriously mulling a run.

If Chicago voters really want to divorce the mayor, a Lewis/ Fioretti union could be a marriage made in heaven.