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Jesse Jackson Jr. still quiet -- two days after investigation revelation

So far, there has been no word from Jesse Jackson Jr’s camp following the Chicago Sun-Times’ report on Friday that an account of Jackson’s that’s monitored by Congress is under investigation.

The Sun-Times reported that federal investigators have launched a probe into “suspicious activity” in the South Shore congressman’s finances.

Focusing on a completely new area of scrutiny for the son of the famed civil rights leader, the investigation is not related to former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s attempted sale of a U.S. Senate seat, a scandal that has ensnared Jackson in the past, sources told the Chicago Sun-Times.

On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the feds were looking at campaign money Jackson had spent to decorate his home.

Michael Isikoff, NBC News national investigative correspondent, reported Friday that lawyers for Jackson met with federal prosecutors last week to discuss the status of the probe.

Meanwhile, political observers predict that despite Jackson’s absence, his illness, his looming ethical inquiry and a federal probe — he will still be reelected.