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Preckwinkle's big fundraiser set for Thursday

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is hosting a big fundraiser Thursday at the Alhambra Palace, 1240 W. Randolph, and it’s worth noting that the price points on Preckwinkle’s 2014 Alhambra event are higher than a similiar event at the same place last year.

Attorney Bill Lowry remains her finance chair. Chatter continues about a potential Preckwinkle 2015 challenge to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Preckwinkle’s 2014 price points:

Chair: $5,000

Sponsor: $2,500

Host: $1,000

Patron: $750

Supporter: $250

Individual Ticket: $50

Preckwinkle 2013 contribution levels for the Alhambra event:

Sponsor: $750

Host: $250

V.I.P. Ticket: $100

Individual Ticket: $50