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Rahm's wife Amy Rule co-hosting fundraiser for Michelle Nunn

Amy Rule, the wife of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, is among the co-hosts of a major dollar fundraiser March 24 in Chicago to benefit Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn, the daughter of former Sen. Sam Nunn D-Ga.

The cocktail reception is at the Chicago home of Leslie Bluhm and David Helfand.

Others on the host committee-in-formation: Marcia Balonick, Lou Frillman, Hon. Fay Hartog-Levin, Judith Gold, Hon. David Jacobson, Pat Reynes, and Linda Rae Sher. President Barack Obama tapped Hartog-Levin and Jacobson for ambassador posts in his first term. Hartog-Levin, after serving as the U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands and Jacobson, after a stint as the U.S. ambassador to Canada are back in Chicago.Suggested price points:

*Supporter $1,000

*Sponsor $2,600

*Host $5,200

* Chair $10,000