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Judging the judges: A voters' scorecard

Use the table below to see how local bar associations have rated candidates in Cook County judicial races.

Key to bar associations:

AABA: Asian American Bar Assoc., BWLA: Black Women’s Lawyers Assoc., CCL: Chicago Council of Lawyers, CCBA: Cook County Bar Assoc., DSL: Decalogue Society of Lawyers, HBA: Hellenic Bar Assoc., HLAI: Hispanic Lawyers Assoc. of Illinois, ISBA: Illinois State Bar Assoc., LAGBAC: Lesbian and Gay Bar Assoc., PRBA: Puerto Rican Bar Assoc., WBAI: Women’s Bar Assoc. of Illinois, CBA: Chicago Bar Assoc.

Key to ratings:

NA: Evaluation not provided, NE: Not Evaluated, HQ: Highly Qualified, WQ: Well Qualified, Q: Qualified, NQ: Not Qualified, HR: Highly Recommended, R: Recommended, NR: Not Recommended

Or download it here and take it with you to the polls:

Voting Guide: Cook County Judges