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RGA sends $750,000 to Rauner Illinois governor campaign

Hours after business executive Bruce Rauner clinched the Illinois GOP governor nomination–setting up a battle with Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn–the Republican Governors Association wired $750,000 to his political warchest on Wednesday morning to send the message the RGA is all in. RGA chair Chris Christie, the New Jersey governor in Detroit and Grand Rapids, Mich. today to headline RGA fundraisers, was also reaching out to Rauner, I’m told.

The mega RGA donation also underscores the reality that while Rauner has the wealth to continue to pour his own millions of dollars into his campaign against Quinn–and a wide circle of individuals who have written mega checks to his warchest for the primary–there are vast amounts of other political money around that will likely be poured into his November general election race.

Christie statement on the Illinois governor race: “It’s time to leave behind the days of high unemployment and job losses, skyrocketing taxes, unaccountable spending and failing schools that have blighted the last five years in Illinois under Pat Quinn. Illinois is ready for a real leader: someone who can’t be bought or intimidated. Illinois is ready for a governor who is willing to solve the toughest of problems, not avoid them; for a governor who works to foster economic growth, not stifle it; for a governor who can balance a budget without saddling the taxpayers time and time again; for a governor who refuses to endure the persistent failure of government that has racked Illinois for years. Illinois is ready for Bruce Rauner. He is focused, willing and prepared to do what it takes to bring back Illinois. The Republican Governors Association proudly supports Bruce Rauner’s campaign to defeat Governor Quinn.” – RGA Chairman Chris Christie