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GOP pols, black ministers fight for Rauner money

Follow the money . . .

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

Hmmm. Does Sneed smell a whiff of napalm?

◆ Translation: A big-bucks brouhaha is brewing between South and West Side Republican committeemen and powerful black ministers being courted by GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner.

◆ At stake: Money . . . Er, financial backing to get out the South and West Side vote for uber-rich Rauner, who is trolling for Cook County support in Gov. Pat Quinn’s heavily Democratic backyard.

◆ Backshot: Rauner, whose campaign has formulated a black voter strategy in Cook County, has already lined up the backing of the Rev. James Meeks, a former Dem state senator and powerful vote-getter in the black community.