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The University of Chicago Institute of Politics names fellows

WASHINGTON – The University of Chicago Institute of Politics is announcing its Spring 2014 fellows on Monday morning and they include:

*Roger Simon. Former Sun-Times columnist and Chicago native–South Shore High School alum–now Politico chief political columnist.

*Ana Marie Cox. U. of Chicago alum, Guardian U.S. political columnist.

*Howard Wolfson. U. of Chicago alum, former advisor to Michael Bloomberg and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

*Michael Steele. Former Republican National Committee chair.

*Bob Inglis. Former Republican congressman from South Carolina.

*David S. Muir. Former director of political strategy for now former British prime minister Gordon Brown.

The study groups these fellows will lead touch on a variety of subjects:

Simon will look at the “collision of media mayhem and political stagecraft.”

Cox will “explore the growing role of social media in modern politics.”

Wolfson will “explore urban elections.”

Steele will “analyze the ongoing effort to re-brand political parties.”

Inglis will “discuss the hot-button issue of energy policy.”

Muir will “cover his year’s key elections in Europe.”