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Jimmy Fallon talks Polar Plunge

Jimmy Fallon was so happy to be back on “The Tonight Show” last night.

Actually, Fallon said on the show, he was happy just to be alive after taking the Polar Plunge with Mayor Rahm Emanuel this weekend in Chicago. After coming up out of a freezing Lake Michigan, he thought he might have died, he said.

He recounted the experience:

“I heard bagpipes. I looked around because if you’re Irish, I think the first thing you hear when you die is bagpipes. I said, ‘Can anybody else hear this?! Am I an angel? THIS IS HOW I WENT.'”

Fallon also compared photos of his exit from the water with Emanuel’s (see our photo gallery) and swore he would donate or do whatever, but, “I’ll never do it again.”

Watch the clip:


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Fallon had agreed to take the Polar Plunge in a Twitter back-and-forth with Emanuel, who goaded the “Tonight Show” host to “toughen up” after he admitted to Chicago Sun-Times TV critic Lori Rackl he was scared of the mayor.

Relive the pain in our Polar Plunge live blog.