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Mel Reynolds says he's 'in hiding' in South Africa: report

Former U.S. Rep. Mel Reynolds, who was deported by Zimbabwe last week, now says he’s ‘in hiding’ in South Africa, according to WLS-Channel 7 news.

Reynolds, 62, was the 2nd District congressman from 1993-1995. His congressional career was derailed after he was convicted of bank fraud and sexual misdonduct with an underage campaign aide.

He was arrested in Zimbabwe in February and accused of possessing pornographic images on his cellphone and violating immigration laws. A judge dismissed the pornography charge, and Reynolds paid a fine for a visa violation.

He told Channel 7: “There were no pornographic images on the phone that would be considered pornographic in any place other than Zimbabwe. That in and of itself is a ruse. If a picture of woman topless is pornography, then I plead the Fifth.”