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Rahm gets heckled at city's birthday bash

It was supposed to be a happy birthday for the city, but for a few minutes, the celebration was derailed as Mayor Rahm Emanuel was berated by one very unhappy person.

While kicking off the city’s 177th birthday celebration at the Daley Center, Rousemary Vega started yelling at the mayor about issues with Chicago Public Schools, DNAInfo Chicago reports.

“You should start worrying about every child, not just charter kids,” Vega called out.

Vega was part of the protest against school closings that occupied Lafayette Elementary last year and most recently took part in a news conference against statewide school testing on Monday.

Vega’s tirade against Emanuel lasted about three minutes, but eventually was escorted away by security.

Emanual though, took it in stride.

“After the Polar Plunge, I appreciate the warm response,” he said.

Via DNAInfo Chicago