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Rauner attends McSweeney funder, ignores media

GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner headlined a fund-raiser Monday at Chicago Cut Steakhouse for state Rep. David McSweeney, a Barrington Hills Republican.

But Rauner refused to explain his support for McSweeney to a reporter on his way in and out of the event, where tickets ranged from $250 to $5,000 per person.

McSweeney is a conservative Republican who has worked with Rauner through a PAC aimed at shedding the Republicans’ “super minority” in the state Legislature.

“Bruce is a good friend of mine,” McSweeney told E&O. “I support him 100 percent and it’s an honor to have him speak at my fund-raiser.”

While Rauner spoke at Chicago Cut, Gov. Pat Quinn planned to headline an event at the City Club of Chicago where he was expected to go through his five-year blueprint for Illinois.